• Not sure of Origin, may be fakes
  • Products stored, in unsuitable and unhygienic places
  • Products damaged due to high temperatures. No results consuming the product
  • Fakes Certificates unapproved and unauthorized
  • No contact with the USA by any means. Unable to give contact details, etc.…
  • No such certificates and cannot prove the origin of goods
  • No proof of product tests. May contain harmful substances and bad for health
  • Unable to give free samples, since goods are not of USA origin
  • Various Qualities in the market. Unable to identify original products
  • Fake products, so nutrition labels may be fake
  • Unable to give proper directions, may lead to health problems
  • Authorization hasn’t been provided to anyone else
  • Any products from these brands sold in the market other than from Supplement Factory are fakes
  • Profit motive and don’t care about customers. No customer service
  • New businesses which are newly open and do not meet any standards